Articles discuss running, scenic hiking, biking, canoeing and X-skiing
in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley


Runners can enjoy a steady diet of road racing in Central New York and the Mohawk Valley.

Fun Runs
Picturesque Running, Biking
or Hiking in Central New York
Run the Old Rail Bed along the Oriskany Creek and take a Adirondack Foothills Run, Bike or Walk
along the Black River Feeder Canal between Boonville and Forestport, NY.

The New York State Canal Corporation's Black River Canal Improvement Project is under way. It involves redoing the trail from Boonville to Forestport.


Cross Country Skiing the Adirondack Foothills
With the BREIA Cross-Country Trail System you can enjoy an extensive trail system right here in Central New York

Trip to North Creek/Gore Mt. Area
If you think Fall Foliage Trips through the Adirondacks are beautiful and scenic try taking a Winter Tour. We decided to try Cross Country Skiing at the North Creek Region.

Cross Country Skiing in the Central Adirondacks
Speculator is spectacular. The new snow and cold spell should make the conditions ideal.

Lake Placid X-Country Skiing
If you want a great Cross Country  Skiing experience visit the Lake Placid area.

Valley View - South Woods
Cross Country Skiing

Roscoe Conkling Park, Valley View Drive and Memorial Parkway, Utica, NY


The Oriskany Creek
The Oriskany Creek is one of the best Fly-fishing streams
in upstate New York and is known for its Brown Trout.

Adirondack Foothills
Visit the pristine Foothills of the Adirondacks. It's only a short driving distance for anyone in Central New York.

Ice Castle - Saranac Lake Winter Carnival
Passing through Saranac Lake on the way to or from  lake Placid you must stop and visit the Giant Ice Castle.

Fall Foliage Gallery
View the array of fall colors in Central New York.

Adirondack Foothills Gallery

Central New York Day Trips 
Outside takes you on two great road trips through the southern Adirondacks were the fall foliage is at it's peak.

Mount Desert Island, ME
The Central New Yorker makes a June trip to Maine.

Nantucket Bike Tour
Join the Central New Yorker as we bike around Nantucket Island.

Hiking at the Moose River
Join the Central New Yorker in a hike down to the giant rock formations and whitewater rapids of the Moose River near Lyons Falls, NY

Trenton Falls Hike
he falls are located on the West Canada Creek near the tiny hamlet of  Trenton Falls.

Adirondack Foothills in the Fall
Outside shows you some scenic rivers and streams.

A Visit to the Land 
of Grandma Moses and Norman Rockwell

We decided to take a tour through Southern Vermont. It's only about a 2 1/2 hour drive (using the Thruway) from Central New York.

A Readers Response
I'll Always Love Central New York
Former Central New Yorker reminisces about the area using some scenic photos she sent from North Carolina.


Picturesque Running, Biking
or Hiking in
Central New York
The Old Rail Bed at Deansboro and
the Adirondack Foothills

Run, Hike or Bike the Old Rail Bed along the Oriskany Creek

The view is great on the trip to Deansboro or when your runny or biking on the Country Roads .

For years now I've been running on the roads in Central New York. While this is good training, it has a  problem. It's hard to relax and enjoying the run. I no longer want to contend with vehicle traffic. Now I run on country roads were I know the will be no cars or I run on trails.

Part of the trail is along the Oriskany Creek

As an example, I travel to Deansboro at least once a week and run the old rail bed. The esthetics of the run is overwhelming. The trail runs through a swamp and along the Oriskany Creek. On the run you'll encounter lots of  colorful vegetation and wild life. Great Blue Heron, Baltimore Orioles, deer, wood chucks, muskrats, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs and snakes, plus an abundance of wildflowers

You can just run down and back on the trail or run one of three loops on beautiful traffic-less country roads that bring you back to the same parking location.

Town of Marshall Rail Bed Trail.
Marshal Towpath Beaver Meadow

Beaver Meadow

At the South End of the Marshall Towpath there is a Beaver Meadow. This is part of the swamp area next to the Oriskany Creek. The Beavers have chewed down several large hardwood trees. It's the most interesting area along the path.

The Beavers select the largest hardwoods.

The Oriskany is right next to the Meadow.

.Rail Bed Trail follows Oriskany Creek

Park behind the Firehouse in Deansboro. This is right next to the trail. Go south on the trail.
  1. Down and back. 6Miles. Stay on trail till you get to the quarry near Oriskany Falls. Then go back.
  2. Loop1. 4 miles. Follow trail and take the first left. Burnham goes to 315. Take a left and follow 315 to 12b and go to Firehouse. This is the Marshall Towpath 4 Mile event run every August.
  3. Loop1. 6 miles. Follow trail and take the 2nd left on Van Hyning to Brothertown Rd. Left and follow 315 to 12b and go to Firehouse.
  4. Loop1. 10 miles. Follow trail and take the 2nd left. Van Hyning to Brothertown Rd. Take a right and follow Brothertown Rd. to Kane Rd. Take a left on Bogan to 315 and go to Firehouse.

Views down the trail.

Part of the trail is through a swamp area.
Listen to the Croaking Frogs.

Swamp area in early Spring.

Oriskany Creek

Dense Vegetation.
Observe Wildflowers



Marsh Marigolds

Adirondack Foothills Run, Bike or Walk
along the Black River Feeder Canal between Boonville and Forestport NY

Black River Canal Towpath near Forestport

This itinerary is truly a gem. Great for running, biking or hiking. You will enjoy the esthetics of running, biking or walking in a remote area. This area is a nostalgic trip back to the logging days of Boonville and the Black River Canal. The run initially takes you along the Black River Feeder Canal, then along a seasonal dirt road back to Forestport. The Black River Feeder Canal flows from Forestport to Boonville. A tow path follows the entire route providing a excellent place for running, biking or hiking. The first part of the run is along the canal.



The route is lovely and remote, with a deep hemlock forest covering the steep slopes above the canal and down to the Black River. It's about 3.5 Miles. Be prepared to pass large lily ponds and see ducks, herons and kingfishers along the way. Edmonds Road east will then take you over the Black River where from the bridge you can view the stratified rock formations along the river. Then its on to densely forested River Road back to Forestport. The entire trip is very peaceful and quiet. Nothing is heard but the sounds of the birds and the wind in the treetops. By the way, you can always do the run the opposite way.

Black River below dam at Forestport

To get there take Route 12 North to Route 28 North to Forestport. Start the run at Forestport. You can park near the bridge below the dam. To start the run take Millers Woods Road to the Canal entrance. Then run along the Canal towpath until you get to Edmonds Road. Turn right and go down cross the bridge over the Black River. Continue on and take the next right onto River Road. Stay on River Road all the way back to Forest Port. It's about a 7.5 miles.
This is a flat course along the canal. However, there are some mild hills along River Road.